Hand held and bench Vacuum Sealers can save you money and reduce food waste.


Medium Vacuum Sealer Bags 15 pack for Mini Vac Sealer

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Black RhinoX vacuum sealer bags are used with our Mini Vacuum Sealer.

Our bags are food grade BPA free and dishwasher safe. They can be microwaved or heated in boiling water over a campfire for easy meal preparation in the great Australian outdoors.

The Medium size (26x23cm) bag is great for pre-packing meal portions ready for your next camping trip or to freeze for handy economical meals at home. 

Product Features

Made from food grade BPA free plastic

Washable and dishwasher safe

Multi-Layer bag design with internal crossed
air venting channels for maximum air extraction

Removes air through the one-way valve

Easily slide lever enables a tight seal , ready to be vacuumed


Boil in the bag

What's in the box?

15 Medium Bags: 26x23cm bags vacuum bags suitable for use with Black RhinoX Mini Vacuum Sealer.

Product Specifications

Size: 26x23cm

Made from BPA free, food grade plastic

Safe for: dishwasher, microwave, freezer and boiling

Tested to the highest European standards

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