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Portable 43L Dual Zone Fridge Freezer

$449.00 $499.00
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Our Australian-designed Portable Dual Zone Fridge Freezers are true dual zone operation, allowing you to choose between a fridge freezer combination or single freezer or fridge mode, simply by adding or removing the partition and setting the temperature for each zone or the whole unit.

From the tough spring loaded handles, to the HUYAI compressor and the two-way lid, the 43L fridge freezer is designed for long wear and easy use when you head out on your camping, 4WD, or caravanning adventures.

The 43L fridge freezer is roomy enough to stash enough food and drinks for everyone for a week away, and it's also a great size for tradies on the go.

4 year warranty.

Product Features
  • Adjustable lid allows you to choose the direction you want it to open
  • Eco | Max Mode
  • Three level battery protection prevents over draining of battery
  • Robust, retractable spring-loaded handles
  • Extra thick rubber seals and casing insulation to keep the cold in
  • Drain outlet for convenient cleaning 
  • Blue LED internal light
  • Food grade internal liner 
Your fridge comes with:
  • Removable partition - insert the partition to operate as dual zone fridge freezer, or remove to use as all fridge or all freezer
  • 12V and 240V cables
  • Removable wire basket
  • Spare fuse
  • Manual
Shipping Information
  • Model: YCD45S2
  • Dimensions (LxWxHmm): 645x425x440
  • Capacity: 43L
  • Net weight: 19kg
  • Temperature Range: -18°C to +10°C
  • Power source: DC 12V/24V
  • Rated current: 7.0/3.5A
  • Fuse: 15A
  • Compressor: HUAYI (Check our product questions page for more information)

Warranty information:  click here for more information

Download the product data sheet here

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