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Professional Wet and Dry Food Vacuum Sealer

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The Black RhinoX Professional Vacuum Sealer is built with latest technology that allows a domestic vacuum sealer to seal liquid filled pouches.

Until now, if you sealed a liquid pouch, the water would enter the unit and destroy the motor. Normally to seal such complex liquid bags, you would use a commercial grade unit which cost thousands.

This machine is designed with a waterproof PCBA, so even if moisture were to enter the unit, it would not damage the unit. Built with a liquid drainage system inside, so that should this liquid being drawn enter into the machine internally, it would simply drain off on to the drain. Then simply wipe off.

Keeps bags secure when sealed- with the double wire seal design, sealing width of 2.5mm

Simple to use handle lock for easier operation- no pressing down on the side- simply slide down the lever

Stainless steel detailing, compact design yet powerful at 12L per minute. Now you can vacuum soups, stews, along with dry items, and accessories.

Vacuum sealing prevents oxidization of foods and protect you items from the elements. No more freezer burns that you get with freezer bags.

Full function panel allows you to choose the power of the vacuum, the speed, single or double seal as well as a pulsation function ideal for marinating.

Choose from a single 2.5mm wide seal or double. 

LED to indicate the working process

This unit is ideal for prepping for your next camping trip or maximising your fridge and freezer space. Make meals and store in portion sizes, ready to reheat in the microwave or over the campfire. Store fresh foods for longer and avoid costly food waste.

Vacuum sealed food items stay fresher for up to 8 times longer. Valuable aromas, vitamins and minerals are preserved. 

Your unit is supplied ready to use with a bonus 5Mx 28cm roll.

You can create the right storage bag size for your needs every time with the BPA free plastic Professional Vacuum Sealer roll,  The bags you create are recyclable and safe to microwave, boil or freeze.

Warranty: 3 years

Product Features

Stainless Steel decal and ABS plastic

Latest technology allows to vacuum seal liquid filled pouches

Internal drainage system draws out excess liquid, to bypass internals.

Waterproof PCBA board to further protect internals 

Simple to use Patented handle lock operation

NO more freezer burns that you get with
freezer bags

Full function panel allows you to choose
the power of the vacuum, the speed, single or double seal as well as a pulsation function ideal for marinating.

Keeps bags secure - with the double wire seal design, sealing width of 2.5mm

Powerful and durable vacuum pump with up to 12 litres / min and a max. vacuum of -0.80 bar

Practical, removable drip tray for simple and rapid cleaning

Simple tracking of progress with the aid of the LED process display

Customised setting for dry and moist foods

Manual Pulse function for gentle vacuuming of soft foods

Multi-cycle motor can seal up to 200 bags non-stop without overheating

Double, secure sealing seam up to 30 cm (each 2.5 mm thick

Thanks to the “Liquid Stop” system, the vacuum sealing process ends before liquids can be sucked in. Perfect for sealing of liquid or moist food items.

What's in the box?

Includes Black RhinoX Professional Vacuum Sealer, 1 Vacuum Sealer Bag Roll (20M x 30cm wide) and product manual.

Please note our resealable vacuum sealer bags are not suitable for use with the Professional Vacuum Sealer.

Product Specifications

Size: 400mmL x 183W x 104mmH Unit

Weight: 1.7kg

Power source: 220-240V / 50Hz, 120W

Vacuum speed: 12L/min

Sealing: 2.5mm, double sealing option

Functions: Mode (Dry/Liquid); Sealing (Single/Double); Auto/Cancel; Seal, Pulse; Canister

  • Auto/Cancel: Automatic vacuuming and sealing.
  • Seal: Manual seal the bags, can stop the vacuuming process for low vacuum pressure packing of delicate and soft items
  • Pulse: Control the vacuum pressure manually
  • Canister: Option to vacuum canister through a vacuum hose

Removable liquid tank for easy cleaning.

Vacuum pressure up to -0.80 Bar (-80Kpa) maximum - can vacuum and seal continuously more than 100 times without overheating (based on dry mode)

Able to work on vacuum canister or other accessories

Includes power cord storage

3 year warranty

Download the product sheet here

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Very slow and clumsy using it - I thought this to be a superior unit as I was replacing my Aldi bought machine thinking it would be better to make sure all our meat was vacuumed packed for our big trip away but I am not sure it’s any better then the Aldi one so I feel like I wasted my money..