New Professional and Rechargeable Vacuum Sealers - available now!

New Professonal and Rechargeable Vacuum Sealers available now!

Professional Vacuum Sealer

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The Black RhinoX Professional Vacuum Sealer is built for staying power and efficiency. This unit can vacuum seal both wet and dry foods, with a choice of single or double seal. Your unit is supplied ready to use, with a full size 10M roll of Vacuum Sealer plastic included.

This unit is ideal for prepping for your next camping trip or maximising your fridge and freezer space. Make meals and store in portion sizes, ready to reheat in the microwave or over the campfire. Store fresh foods for longer and avoid costly food waste.

Delicate foods can be safely vacuum sealed using the pulse or seal only options.

Liquid spills can't damage the unit as they are automatically captured in the easy to clean liquid tank.

Unlike many conventional vacuum sealers, our design includes a simple lever lock system which makes it easier to lock and seal each bag without using serious muscle to ensure the lock is engaged!

You can create the right storage bag size for your needs every time with the BPA free plastic Professional Vacuum Sealer roll,  The bags you create are recyclable and safe to microwave, boil or freeze.

Warranty: 3 years

Product Features

Easy lever locking system

Easy clean chamber for liquid spills

Choose your own bag size every time

Pulse option to seal delicate foods without damage

What's in the box?

Includes Black RhinoX Professional Vacuum Sealer, 1 Vacuum Sealer Bag Roll (20M x 30cm wide) and product manual.

Please note our resealable vacuum sealer bags are not suitable for use with the Professional Vacuum Sealer.

Product Specifications

Size: 400mmL x 183W x 104mmH Unit

Weight: 1.7kg

Power source: 220-240V / 50Hz, 120W

Certificate: CE (EM+LVD), GS,CB, SAAZ, ERP, PAH, REACH, Rohs compliance

Vacuum speed: 12L/min

Wider sealing: with 2.5mm, double sealing wire

Functions: Mode (Dry/Liquid); Sealing (Single/Double); Auto/Cancel; Seal, Pulse; Canister

  • Auto/Cancel: Automatic vacuuming and sealing the bags. Press again to stop the working process
  • Seal: Manual seal the bags, can stop the vacuuming process for low vacuum pressure packing of delicate and soft items
  • Pulse: can control the vacuum pressure manually
  • Canister: vacuuming the canister through a vacuuum hose LED to indicate the working process. Removable liquid tank for easy cleaning.

Upgrade technology canvacuum liquid directly

Vacuum pressure up to -0.80 Bar (-80Kpa) maximum - can vacuum and seal continuously more than 100 times without overheating (based on dry mode)

Able to work on vacuum canister or other accessories

Includes power cord storage

3 year warranty

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