Hand held and bench Vacuum Sealers can save you money and reduce food waste.


It's all about the bits and pieces when you are preparing and storing food on a camping trip.

Enter the vacuum sealer.

Vacuum sealers mean you can store and stack so much more in your camping fridge and can save your freezer space too because some foods don't need freezing if they are in a vacuum pack.

It's a great technique for dairy items such as cheese, smallgoods, meat and seafood, bread and more. Not to mention keeping the coffee beans at their best all the way through your trip. How about a few small vac-packed chopped herb sachets? And you can vacuum seal in portion sizes to save food waste and for easy preparation (so you can say - kids, you're up for getting dinner on the first night!)

Vacuum packs also stop food sticking together in the freezer section and even improves fridge efficiency by allowing smoother airflow.

Breaking news: Black RhinoX Vacuum Sealers now available

We are delighted to announce our range of Black RhinoX Vacuum Sealers are now available.

Choose from our rechargeable handheld Mini Vac Sealer - perfect for home and on the road, or the Professional Vacuum Sealer to seal wet and dry foods.

All our vacuum sealer pouches and rolls are BPA free, reusable and recyclable.

The resealable range, used with the Mini Vacuum Sealer, are perfect for items you want to regularly access and reseal while you are travelling, such as coffee beans, sugar and smallgoods. 

The Professional Vacuum Sealer enables you to decide on your bag size. It's great for preparing meals in ready to go portion sizes before you leave home, so you can simply heat and serve. How easy can dinner be? 

Click here to find out more and order yours now!