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Condensation happens because warm moist air enters the fridge every time you open the door, and the moisture in that air condenses on the cold surfaces that make the inside of the fridge cold. It is very common on very humid or hot days, when your fridge is very cool but you are opening and closing the lid frequently. It does not mean the fridge is faulty or that the seals are damaged.

(FYI - we use thick seals and 55mm thick insulation. Just so you know.) 

Why does condensation happen on the outside of the fridge as well? The simple answer may be you are opening and closing your refrigerator too often on a hot day. (because ... icecream, right?) The influx of cold air can linger outside of the fridge and create external condensation.

Another possible cause is that your refrigerator is set too cold. The cold may be permeating through the door and, when the hot air on the outside hits it, you get those droplets of moisture condensing on the outside of the fridge. Check the product manual for more information on setting your temperatures.


Tips to reduce condensation

Make sure your fridge is well ventilated, especially on hot days. You should always have 5 to 8cm of ventilation space around the fridge to allow for fresh air to flow into the fridge for efficient operation, and never block the vents on fridge.

If you want to remove the partition wall of the fridge, do it while the fridge is on. The partition works with sensors, and these need to reset when you change the configuration of the fridge. To make sure this happens correctly, always make sure the fridge is on when you remove the partition. 

    Don't worry if you didn't know about this til now though. If you have removed the partition with the fridge off, this is what you need to do:

    1. Leave the partition out.

    2. Turn off the unit.

    3. Return the partition to the fridge.

    4. Turn the unit back on.

    5. Wait a few minutes and remove the partition with the fridge on.

    6. Return the partition after 30 seconds. 

      (And remember the tip about keeping the fridge on when you remove the partition for next time!)