Hand held and bench Vacuum Sealers can save you money and reduce food waste.


Experienced campers know checking your gear before the big trip is essential. That goes for camping fridges too. Whether it's just a few days for a mini-break or months on the open road, you want minimum wastage, delicious food and efficient running. Here's how you get it. 

Start with a fridge and cable check to make sure everything is working well and connects up like it should. If you spot an ERROR 1 message on your fridge, that means the DC voltage is not high enough to keep the fridge running. Check for cable dropout, low battery power, or any issues that may be associated with your vehicle wiring.

Next we recommend you go for the pre-cool. This tip can prevent you pushing your battery power out to the max, and you also have time to pre-cool items that take a while to cool down, such as drinks.

Now when you head off on your trip, the fridge is already cool and just needs to maintain temperature, taking the pressure of your batteries and ensuring the cool drinks are ready for the first stop on the road too.

Remember if you are only heading out for a few days, there's no need to set the fridge to -18C. Try -10C and monitor and adjust if freezing required - another great tip to save power.